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Hi! It’s Sandra here from Bella Eve.

I am a mum to two beautiful little girls, Isabella and Olivia. My girls keep me very busy however I still find the time to design!

I started the brand Bella Eve as a side project for my first born Isabella (hence the name).  I wanted to do a line of sandals for children with my daughter as the muse. Sandals that were comfy, easy to put on and on trend. 

The Bella Eve & co Lux Collection was born in 2016 as I was trying to find a nice comfy, thong looking sandal for my daughter, but could not find any. So I was on a mission to turn a rubbery, unflattering thong in to a beautiful, hand made, genuine leather sandal for children.

Since then I have introduced narrow widths, more sizes and hard soles and different colours and fabrics to the range. Also gift sets with matching sandals and bows I have created, just to make it easier for your child to accessorise! 

My sandals are hand made with love, on trend, stylish, comfy and your children can wear them for any occasion. They come in both soft and hard anti-slip soles in sizes 0-4 years. 

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